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A&B Trees

Grown in nearby Heathcote, Liz sells veggie seedlings (including heirloom varieties) and indigenous plants. More info.


Bliss Blend

Great tasting organic tea blends… to invigorate, soothe and detox! Kathy has tastings and tea for sale at each market. More info.


Callipari Wines

Wines and delicious wine spritzers made in Mildura. Red wine with orange and lemon juices makes Ned Kelly Red; white wine with apple and ginger makes Ned Kelly White, and so on. In two alcoholic strengths and a range of bottle sizes. More info.


Chai Spice

A Castlemaine business making both traditional and intriguing chai blends and chai concentrate that is delicious and well loved by serious chai drinkers, as well as genuinely superb instant chai blends. Try the Australian Bush Spice Chai, or the Golden Milk (turmeric) blend! More info.



Hand crafted chocolates made using fine Belgian chocolate here in Bendigo. Susan Schrieber makes individual works of chocolate art that are almost too impressive to eat. (But you won’t be able to resist!) More info.


Crossies ‘Cados

Beautiful avocadoes and corn. (Seasonal stall) Andrew & Sarah Crossman have over 1000 avocado trees planted in Torrumbarry, 20 minutes from Echuca. There are 11 varieties of avocados planted, with an aim of producing year round fruit.


Dawson’s Honey

The real deal, this beautiful honey is produced by Chris & June Dawson from bees that feed on carefully selected flowers around Victoria. It is very carefully treated so as to bring you the purest and best honey flavours.


Dr Scroll

Utterly decadent scrolls and other baked goods, made with extraordinary flavours right here in Bendigo. More info.


Flying Bok Choy

Gorgeous herbs and leafy greens seedlings, growing soil mixes, kits and garden accessories. An easy way to grow your own kitchen garden, even if you have very little space! More info.


Glencoe Farms

The Henry family offers (in season) fresh tomatoes grown in the bright summer sunshine, as well as pasta sauces made with tomatoes grown on the farm. All of their sauces are gluten and preservative free as well as being exceptionally low in both sugar and salt. More info.


Harmony Garlic

Fresh, Australian-grown garlic, as well as pre-peeled garlic, crushes, de-hydrated, smoked, pickled, salts / seasonings and the increasingly popular black garlic. More info.


Hey Presto Espresso

The all-important stall – coffee! Nigel and Bec use Jonesy’s milk and organic coffee beans, as well as teas and hot chocolate. They also have a range of the lovely mineral water from Daylesford & Hepburn Springs Mineral Water Co. More info.


Hi-Fye Pistachios

An astonishing number of pistachio varieties, grown in Wedderburn by Fye Wan, pistachio enthusiast. Unsalted, so you can enjoy the flavours of these excellent nuts just as they are.


How Now Dairy

Kind milk, from a better place. Kind milk is made with cow and calf as the priority. Calves are not separated from their mothers, and baby (bobby) calves are not killed to produce this milk – which also happens to taste amazing! More info.


Jamie’s Fine Dressings

Jamie’s Fine Dressings are made from fresh and local ingredients from the Swan Hill Region. Handmade, using local, regional and other Australian products, they are produced in a caring, environmentally friendly & home style manner. More info.


Kennedy Farm Produce

An 100% Australian owned family farming business in Corop, Victoria. Passionately produced chickpeas, popping corn, and fresh veggies, using sustainable farming methods to grow great produce. More info.


Kingfisher Citrus

These are the kids’ hit of the market! With fantastic fresh oranges, orange juice squeezed before your eyes and the ever popular juice icypoles, make sure you visit Kingfisher.


Kyirong Emus

A beautiful skin care range made with emu oil, a traditional Indigenous Australian remedy. Emu oil is is naturally high in Omega 3, 6 and 9, Oleic acid (for skin repair) and Linolenic acid (an anti-inflammatory) and contains high levels of Vitamin K2, making our creams, moisturisers and soaps perfect for the most sensitive skin. More info.


McIvor Farm Foods

McIvor Farm Foods is the passion of Jason & Belinda Hagan who farm naturally & ethically, respecting all living creatures on the land, farming Free Range Berkshire pigs and producing a premium quality, great tasting pork,smoked hams and bacon. More info.


Pepo Farms

(Australian Pumpkin Seed Co and The Artisan Mill) Pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil and more. The FIRST and ONLY Australian grown pumpkin seeds! More info.


Pink Muesli

The first (and only) one of its kind in Australia, Pink Muesli harnesses the health benefits of beetroot in a delicious crispy cereal. More info.


Pollards Apples & Pears

The Peeler/Pollard family have been growing apples in the Harcourt region for generations, and are well known locally for their delicious apples and pears, grown just down the road in Elphinstone. Heather and Gary are with us mid-Autumn to mid-Spring.


Saluté Oliva

With multi-award winning olives and olive oil, Saluté Oliva are a key stallholder at the market.  Taste the kalamata olives and glimpse heaven now. More info.


Somerset Park Walnuts

Fresh walnuts, just picked, from Strathfieldsaye. Colin saves some especially for us, as the rest of his quality produce is snapped up before it’s even picked! Nothing like the packaged nuts you get from the supermarket; these are fresh and sweet! (Seasonal stall)


Spring Creek Organics

Lisa & David’s gorgeous freshly picked organic veggies. Their stall is not hard to spot as you walk into the market from Pall Mall with their wide range of bright, heirloom varieties.


Tellurian Fruit Gardens

Formerly Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens, this innovative business prides itself on growing more than 80 varieties of certified organic fruit, including apples, apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, pears and plums. More info.



Wholesome, tasty, organic bone broths and sauces made with certified organic ingredients and simmered for days to collect all the nutrients, then dehydrated for long shelf life. Just add hot water for great gut health! More info.


VJ & S Stasey

Fantastic fruit and veggies grown in Stanhope by Victor and Sophia. VFMA accredited, and very popular.

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