Project Description

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At Huntly Organics, we wanted to create a business that was in line with our values. We aim to preserve and nurture the environment and your health, and provide the highest quality produce.

That means that we preserve and improve the land we farm on, by adding organic matter to it to enrich it year after year and by growing a variety of vegetables on it.
Our plants benefit from the nutrient dense soil and thrive on the power of the bright Australian sun to grow.

We use natural fertilisers, such a seaweed, minerals and compost on our farm and we listen to our soil’s needs so it is well balanced and can happily provide what our many plants require to thrive.

We strive for quality, but there might be some holes in the leaves or funny shaped vegetables going out for sale. We hope these imperfections are taken as a testament to our practices. Freshness is a must and our fresh produce is always sold within a few days of harvest (this obviously isn’t always the case with storage crops like pumpkins and some root vegetables!).
And last but not least, we grow for flavour, which mean we select varieties that taste good, cause food is not only about health but also about taste!